Lurssen Yachts for Sale

Lurssen Yachts for Sale


Lurssen, a company based in Germany, is practically synonymous with ECHhe term superyacht. Since their founding in 1875, Lurssen has grown to be one of the top superyacht builders in the world. With its headquarters in Bremen-Vegesack, and five more ship yards in Northern Germany, Lurssen’s global network of yacht builders and designers enables them create and deliver the perfect luxury yacht for its customers.

Their custom designs and quality workmanship make them a sought after yard. Currently, one of their newest builds tops the list of largest superyachts in the world—Azzam measures nearly 591 feet. The history, the reputation, and the detailed craftsmanship onboard a Lurssen –built yacht make them coveted yachts on the charter and sales market.

Founded by visionaries of the boat building industry, Friedrich Lurssen, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, Lurssen is constantly improving and innovating to set new standards in the yachting industry. By achieving word-class design and cutting edge technology, each Lurssen yacht is crafted to exude the ultimate in luxury style and performance.

In 1994, Lurssen was one of the only yacht builders able to achieve ISO 9001 certification as a result of a variety of efficient manufacturing technologies to take care of yacht creation. This was no easy task as the Lurssen shipyard spans more than 350,000 square meters, 150,000 square meters of that being covered and 70,000 square meters of air-conditioned facilities.

Over the years, Lurssen has used its rich experience in building military ships  create larger luxury yachts. The company is also renowned for creating the first ever diesel engine Lurssen boat, the first ever Lurssen motor boat (REMS), and the first ever remote-controlled boat. The launch of its 71-meter superyacht Carinthia VI, designed by Jon Bannenberg, set a new standard when it came to contemporary luxury yacht styling.

Three business fields divide the Lurssen shipyard. Each field focuses on the manufacturing of different kinds of ships. The first field focuses on naval vessels and special ships while the second field focuses on building luxury yachts. Lurssen Logistics, its third branch, focuses primarily on logistics including maintenance, documentation of spare parts, management of yachts, and training simulators.

The Lurssen yachts list includes a several iconic models. It is behind the creation of many popular yachts such as the 2003’s Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Octopus which measures 127-meters, David Geffen’s Rising Sun which measures 138-meters and was first delivered to Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, in 2004. Other iconic yachts include the 377’ Pelorus, 315’ Limitless, the 230′ Martha Ann, Kismet, the largest private yacht in the world named Azzam (which measures close to 591 feet) launched in 2013, and now Dilbar the world’s largest private yacht by volume launched in 2016. The exterior of Azzam has been styled by Nauta Yachts while the interior is by Christophe Leoni. Because Lurssen yachts provide their customers with unmatched, world-class quality, no expense is spared in their design and construction.

The shipyard’s devotion to continue creating the world’s best yachts has resulted in many superyacht awards around the world. In 2004, Lurssen won the award for World’s Best Superyacht Design for power yachts over 43m for M/Y Pelorus.

Some Lurssen yachts currently under construction include the Palo Alto, Thor, Zenith, and Hermes. All of these Lurssen yachts under construction are sure to provide the world with unmatched design and technology.

Lurssen also creates naval ships, and specialized vessels. Their warships include Jaguar class, Seawolf class, and Frankenthal class. Lurssen also takes care of repair and refit. They have a mobile service group, specially trained, for repair in remote locations. They make sure the yacht is perfect all year round for their customers. The 40-meter long Angel’s Share is one of most famous refits by the yard in 2011.

70 m (230′) Superyacht Martha Ann, listed for sale and charter with IYC, is an impressively engineered Lurssen, featuring a vast swimming pool with a bar and wonderful furnishings. For more information on Martha Ann for sale click here.


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Following the German yard’s recent delivery of 156 metre superyachtDilbar, we take a look at the 10 biggest Lürssen yachts ever built.

The biggest Lürssen yacht, 180 metre Azzam is also the world’s largest yacht. Designed by Nauta and launched in 2013, Azzam is the flagship the German builder’s fleet.

Powered by twin diesel engines and two gas turbines, Azzam blasts off at 30 knots – extremely impressive for a yacht of her size.

And, despite shaky claims of a new world’s biggest yacht on the horizon,Azzam will be the largest yacht in the world for the foreseeable future.

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Lurssen has the distinction of building the first motor boat in the world, as well as the first remote-controlled boat.  Six key manufacturing technologies govern Lurssen yacht building, and Lurssen has achieved ISO 9001 certification.

Please see the Lurssen yachts available for charter.  There are also others available so please contact us to get the full list.

Lürssen Yachts: The Superyacht Story

Originally founded by Friedrich Lürssen in the year 1875, Lürssen Yachts is a family owned business running for many generations. Lürssen yachts is administered by two cousins, Friedrich and Peter Lürssen, who have effectively turned company’s military shipbuilding expertise into one of the finest luxury yacht manufacturers in the world. The duo is involved in every step of yacht building to deliver not just yachts but a solution to customer’s demanding needs ensuring satisfaction. What Friedrich Lürssen originally envisioned over 130 years ago, along with Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, continues today in the production of Lürssen yachts. Headquartered in Bremen-Vegesack, Germany, the yard uses a combination of shipyards and worldwide connections to deliver just the best. The company has the distinction of building the world’s first motorboat, the first diesel engine boat and the first remote-controlled boat.

Lurssen shipyard is a magnanimous facility spread over a total area of 350,000 sq. meters, of which 150,000 sq. meters is covered. With 70,000 sq. meters of air-conditioned facilities, linked by an inter-connecting 2500 ton travel lift over 1500 meters of structural assembly can be completed at any one time. The in-water capability of the yacht offers over 700 meters of deep quays. A variety of manufacturing technologies govern the yacht building, and which also made Lürssen achieve the ISO 9001 certification by the 1994. This same quality has been the foundation of 13,000 vessels since 1875.

The shipyard is divided into three business fields. The first one is devoted to the building of naval vessels and special ships such as the fast patrol boats, corvettes, support vessels, etc. The second area is the building of luxury super yachts starting from 50 metres to over 150 metres, realizing nearly every design beyond any imagination, and the third field is called the Lürssen Logistic which concentrates on all logistical parts of the group, e.g. repair and maintenance, yacht management, spare part documentation, crew training centre and training simulators.

Lürssen superyachts has fabricated some of the most magnificent yachts in history including, the 319’ Carinthia VII, the 315’ Limitless, the 377’ Pelorus, and the 414’ Octopus. The German Company has won many awards, with the most recent being the 2004 International Superyacht Design Award for “Pelorus”, in the best power 43m plus category. The shipyard works together with cutting-edge designers from all over the world to bring alive the customers demand. A huge staff of naval architects and engineers seek creative options and design solutions with regard to the highest quality and highest technical standards.

In addition to the new construction of yachts, Lürssen is also a reliable partner for refit and repair. They service existing vessels with superior repair and maintenance capabilities. For vessels in remote locations, a specially trained mobile service group can provide a quality technical repair anywhere. From major renovations to onsite restorations to year-round services which keep a vessel operating at its best, Lürssen’s team of experts are at the ready for its clients. High technical achievement can be constantly maintained because of company’s long-term experience in developing and building naval vessels, special ships and fast patrol boats.

A Selection of Lurssen Built Superyachts:

Lürssen the superyacht builder has earned its reputation world-wide for its high-class tailor-made super yachts. Since its inception, the shipbuilding company has amazed yacht owners all around the globe with constant innovation, a dedicated work force and enduring relationships that continue beyond the transaction.

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